Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Turned 3!!!

Well I feel it's my duty to inform everyone that I am now one year older and wiser. (Maybe this will be the year I can finally trick my parents into feeding me 5 times a day instead of 2 hee hee.) A dog can wish right? This year for my special day we got to take a trip. We jumped in the car and drove a long long time, but I was pretty comfy in the backseat with my bed and lots of blankies. I can't complain. Plus I got fun travel treats to keep me happy. After our long drive we got to a really cold place--I think I heard them saying it was called Utah-- We got out of the car and I got to see my buddy Danny and my new cousin, Snax! I was sooo excited!! We ran all around and played for a long time. That night we got to have a slumber party at Snax's house and spend the whole night. The next day for my birthday, my aunt Jaime.....(she's really nice) baked me my very own birthday cake! It was delicious and Snax and I ate the whole thing...really fast!! After we got home from our trip, I got to open my presents from Mama and Steve. I got so many fun things and yummy treats. My friend Perry also gave me a rope toy, which I love!! It was such a fun birthday this year and I am excited because I will get to see Snax again in a few weeks when they come to my house for Christmas!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm a Cali Dog Now!

Last month...the darndest thing happened---a bunch of boxes started appearing around my house and the next thing I knew my bed, toys and everything else were all put into those boxes and loaded in a big truck. Before I knew it, I was sitting in an empty house. Mama and Steve were very busy running around and seeing a lot of people. I got to see Auntie Cindy and my good friends Fred, Sugar, Gretel and Bella, and also, KJ and Moose. It was like I was getting a big party with all my friends. I didn't realize at the time that it was a goodbye party. :( I miss those guys. We went on a very LONG ride in the car and ended up at a new house in California. It is a lot smaller than my other house in KY. but I still have a nice backyard with grass and all my toys, so I'm happy! I also get to go for runs on the beach everyday, which I love! I love to splash in the waves and see all the other dogs there. There are dogs everywhere here! I am always getting to meet new friends everyday. So far, I like this place!

Friday, February 25, 2011

I Heart Rawhide....

I discovered my new love in this life.....rawhide. Plain and simple. I love it. I go crazy whenever I'm around it. My best friend Moose always has rawhides at his house and I'm always trying to steal them from him and claim them as my own. My buddies Danny and Jaime gave me a cool rawhide and I finally got to get after it today after my walk and boy was it heaven. It was the most fun I've had all week, aside from getting to see Moose. I could chomp on this amazing stuff for hours. I'm in love....

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Buddies Came to Visit!

This guy's my buddy...always up for a good time!
I really like cuddling with Jaime...she's nice.
I'll sit, lay, fetch, stay...do whatever you want me to...just give me some of that!!
This stuff was SOOOOO good!
I even got to play football with the guys!

This last week was so much fun! There was lots of excitement in the house and I knew something great must be brewing. 2 of my favorite people came to visit---Danny & Jaime. I just love them, they are always up for playing and are always petting me and giving me lots of love. I even got to show them around my neighborhood where I take my morning walks. It was great. A few days after they got here...there began to be delicious smells wafting throughout the house. It nearly drove me crazy there was so much food around. It almost seemed like the whole day was focused around food...err...maybe it was my imagination...who knows? The evening of the day that everyone was in the kitchen making all these delicious smells for my nose to fancy---everyone sat down at the table and ate, and ate and ate...they just kept eating, I thought I would drool to death watching them! Finally...I was given my own plate of this amazing stuff they called turkey and boy was it amazing! I gobbled it down so fast it took my breath away. The taste was simply delectable! I was wishing this was something I could re-enact everyday but apparently it's a once a year thing--much to my disappointment. Well....till next year!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I don't really understand what happened last night. A cape was tied around my neck and I was expected to sit back and not lick all the new faces that came knocking on our door. There were a lot of scary looking people coming up to my house and I wasn't supposed to bark at any of them. There was scary music playing and a whole lotta candy being passed out... but none to me. Not sure how I feel about that. But at the end of the night I was able to relax and cuddle up on the couch with Steve and Mama...just like usual, so I guess the night ended pretty good!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Who Knew?? I Swim!!!

Too much playing=a tired me..gotta get a quick nap in, so I can get back to it
I'm ready to face the water.
Seriously??....what is with all this goey show of emotion?

Love that lake air!

Ahhhh...I tell ya, this is the life!
Guys??.....are you doing ok swimming??....do you need me??
I like this guy-- and it's quite cozy here--think I'll stay for awhile.
Grrr.....I hate horseflies!! Leave me be for the love!!
I told you.....I frolicked!!
maybe I could do a blackflip, grab the stick and come down with it...hey, it could work!
what kind of face is he making at me?
Just doing "my thing"...nuthin to see here
Me & my peeps
It's been awhile friends and boy have I been having a great time this summer. A few weeks ago I got to go along on a trip with the people that feed me to one of the coolest places I think I've ever been. There was lots and lots of water and places for me to frolic and smell----I tell you, it was pure paradise! I went on my first canoe ride and wore my first life jacket--I looked pretty studly, if you ask me! I had a great time and liked just about everything...except for the pesky horseflies which tormented me, unmercifully--I usually tried to run and hide from them. I perfected my swimming skills and had fun going after sticks--the bigger the better! I played and swam all day and would come home to our cabin completely tuckered out each night but ready for more by the next morning! Mostly I just loved getting to come along and be with Steve and Mama! Hey, bring me on your next trip too guys??!! Promise I'll be good! :)